InovaHR aims to help its clients by improving the process of implied adaptation to any project that incorporates technology and / or new ways of working in the organization. We apply project management methodology and tools to manage the adaptive process underlying the introduction of innovations, new forms of work, restructurings, new processes, new paradigms, among others.
Mapping and Process Improvements
Business Process Management
Case Management

A process is composed of a set of interrelated activities within a company with the greater objective of providing products or services to its customers.

The efficient management of processes for the production of goods and services in less time and with lower costs, has become a necessity to ensure the competitiveness and profitability of the organization.

Managing processes is a complex task, mainly because these processes do not work alone, they interact with other processes dispersed in the company. This is why process improvement plays an important role in dynamic organizations, since this depends on overcoming the company with respect to the quality of its products, processes, staff and in general has an impact on positioning and competitiveness Of the company.

A "case" is any transaction, service or response that "opens" and "closes" over a period of time to resolve a problem, demand, request, proposal, development or other complex activity. It is likely to involve several people inside and outside the organization, with different relationships with each other, as well as multiple documents and messages. For example: One case is the visa application. When a case is managed by an application, it is opened and closed by means of software that manages it.

Case management aims to improve the performance of your organization by automating the workflow, creating decision rules, especially useful in those tasks that are recurring.

In short, a "case" is a compendium of information, processes, business rules, and sometimes computer applications that relate to a client, provider, patient, student. The Case involves a collection of communications with the client, through forms, process documents, and will create reports and backup documentation.

Enterprise Case Management

ECM is a general term that covers document management, Web content management, search, collaboration, records management, digital asset management (DAM), workflow management, capture and scanning.

ECM is primarily aimed at managing the information lifecycle from the initial publication or creation all the way through file and final deletion.

BPM is the management of processes (rather than tasks) as a means to improve business results and operational efficiency. Processes span the boundaries of the organization, linking people, information flows, systems, and other assets to create and deliver value to customers and their components.

It is common to confuse BPM with a BPM suite (BPMS). BPM is a professional discipline made by people, while a BPMS is a technological suite of tools designed to help BPM professionals achieve their goals. BPM should not be confused with an application or solution developed to support a particular process. Suites and solutions represent ways to automate business processes, but automation is just one aspect of BPM.

Talent Management

The areas of technology in organizations always have to be at the forefront of
Knowledge, methodologies and implementations, given the rapidity of changes and evolution of the same. The professionals of high performance and potential are those required by the labor market, since their knowledge constitutes a competitive advantage for each industry. At InovaHR, we understand how difficult it is to retain this kind of talent and offer a suite of specialized services, ranging from talent recognition, potential assessment, career development, succession, performance evaluation, evaluation and compensation.